sydney beach house


The home of Karen Kelly Tarasin, based in Sydney is a beautiful mix of bright white walls, a lot of wood and fresh green leaves. We love the Scandinavian design items in this home, combined with some vintage and rustic materials makes is look very relaxing and comfortable!

via Stylejuicer
photography Prue Ruscoe

string lights for flos


The String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades, for Flos are the perfect architectural light of dividing spaces in a different way. Michael Anastiassiades was inspired by several elements: 'When I sit on a train, traveling, and I look out of the window, I always see these strings of electricity that connect the pylons. And as we move through at high speed, I see these perfectly parallel string and find myself transfixed by the amazing sense of discipline - how can this be possible?' And also from a practical point: 'How to move lights when electricity points are always where you least want them to be. So how do you take them where you want them in an effortless and poetic way?' 
We love this point of view.. and the design is stunning!

via Flos 

green must have in july: dieffenbachia


Have you already met the Dieffenbachia? It's a plant, also named mother-in-law, with simple and alternate leaves, containing white spots and flecks. Dieffenbachia comes in different species, with different kinds of patterns in their leaves. What we love about this about this plant? The different shades  of green and white which fits perfectly in every home.
Also a good thing about this green friend: it purifies the air. So place it in your bedroom or workspace.. and feel better :) 

More information, tips and tricks you will find at Mooi wat planten doen

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Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office


This playful house in Japan is designed by Alts Design Office. The spaces form a unity in a special way to make the family get a center spot in the house. By the different types of wood and furniture you see that everything comes together, the home radiates warmth and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in this lovely house?!



Today we spotted the blog Vintagepiken, where you can find the most beatiful images made by Lin Kay. In these images, we love the rustic summer feeling.. Perfect for those sunny days we are having now... Enjoy!

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steel staircase


A split level apartment in Oslo, with an amazing steel staircase. As the steps ends before reaching the floors, you have to step down over a piece of wooden furniture that functions both as a chest of drawers and a window seat. We love the idea behind those pieces which makes the apartment very clean and minimalistic. 

Design by Haptic studio
Photography by Simon Kennedy and Inger Marie Grini.

Kilda West House by Kennedy Nolan Architects


It’s a light, modern and also calm home...
This house is designed by the architect Kennedy Nolan and has a lot of Asian influences. You can see that different materials are mixed into the house and give you a special feeling. By the beautiful architecture you see that the interior is contemporary and functional. Stunning!

via Yatzer
images by Derek Swalwell

green must have in june: anthurium


Lately, we are surrounded by green plants.. And that's something we really like! So we turned our studio into a green zone with the beautiful Anthurium: a flowering plant with a lot of green leaves. Unique, because it fits in every interior, modern, classic....this plant will fit! The Anthurium comes in different sizes and a lot of colors.. red, pink, purple, orange, yellow.. and white.. Which is our personal favorite :) 

So you are thinking.. this plant will not survive in our home?! Well.. it's very easy to keep this green one alive. It needs a light spot, but not to much direct sunlight, and every week a half cup of water. You will see that it will be a bright green plant, with fresh leaves and flowers..!

More information, tips and tricks you will find at Mooi wat planten doen

So.. Which plants do you already have in your home?

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butchers and bicycles copenhagen


While searching for hotspots in Copenhagen, we found out about the Butchers and Bicycles showroom. An amazing showroom in an old building in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. It's a place where the company designs, tests, develops and sells their cargo bikes. 

Ofcourse, we really like the design of the bikes.. but we are also very excited about the interior of the showroom! The white tiles with the black lines makes it very graphic. Together wit the old elements of the building it gives a very industrials look, which we love!

Butchers and Bicycles Copenhagen showroom

She's got style


We are back after our trip to Copenhagen this weekend where we joined The Hive 2014. We were proud and honored to be one of the speakers talking about Personal Branding and our story and journey. We loved meeting all of you and talking with you.

But now back in the Studio and back to work. Today we want to share these images with you by our intern Manon. We are very happy with her joining us for a couple of months and what a great start of the week visiting her blog that she just started.

Thank you Manon for these great images, we love them!

the standard copenhagen


Another great weekend in Copenhagen.. Yesterday evening we had dinner at the Standard.. A restaurant we have to share with you!
The Standard in Copenhagen is housed in a historical building that dates back to 1937. The Standard is located in central Copenhagen, right next to Nyhavn, overlooking the Royal Opera and Christianshavn. 
The building boasts three world-class restaurants; Verandah, a contemporary gastronomic Indian restaurant. Almanak, a modern Danish restaurant serving informal breakfast, lunch and dinner and Studio, an ex-noms chef, Torsten Vildgaard's New Nordic gourmet restaurant. There is also a jazz club, with the name of the entire project: The Standard, which is a bold addition to the famous jazz scene in Copenhagen. 
We ate over at the Almanak, which we can really recommend :) 

Enjoy your day!

Design by Gamfratesi