minister cafe


The Minister Cafe in Poland is based on the concept of the brand Minister Beer. The entire concept of the cafe is a combination of the visual identification of the brand and the interior of the cafe. Which they did very well. We really like the combination of concrete, wood and the soft grey fabrics. The wooden floor makes it a bit more rustic. 

So, going to Poland, visit the Minister Cafe for a cup of coffee.. or beer :) 


ruma said...


Grande Idée et le concept.

du Japon, ruma❃

Neeltje | Thoughts in Style said...

This looks so pretty! I love the simplicity but it still attracts the eye. I love to have a coffee there haha. x

tforia said...

Interesting use of yellow! So bright. I love the modern transformation of the old interior architecture. // Discover the best online shops.

Agata Bielen said...

my city! <3

Eleanor said...

Wonderful place which I visit quite often as it's close to my uni : )
Good you had a chance to step by