Take a look; small box house


We absolutely love this wooden interior.

The home, called 'Small box house' is designed by Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier
It's designed to be a home, but it is also made, so you can use it in the future as a cafe and for events.

via Designboom - photos by Koji Sakai


Moois en meer said...

wow beautiful! Suus

Hippy At Heart said...

love that little danish modern cabinet in the corner. love, that the wood doesn't make it look too rustic, it's very modern and sleek indeed. the white dining area brings some modern accents, too.

Amy Kanagaki said...

i loooooove this! such a beautiful, unique space.

Bianca Kempenaar/A Day with Kate said...

Wow! What an amazing place. Love it.