PRINTLOVE by Vorstin


Marjon Hoogervorst is a very talented photographer from the Netherlands with a great portfolio with beautiful images. I already loved her work but now she has developed another great and beautiful new project. After taking some Letterpress classes she discovered a new talent and is making these amazing prints and posters. She enjoys making these posters because of the authenticity and all the handwork.

Besides that she really loves the people who are giving a little peace of LOVE to their loved ones with these posters. My favourite one is the first and is high on my wishlist. Which one do you prefer?

Take a look at her webshop and discover all the beautiful prints.

All images by Vorstin (Marjon Hoogervorst)


Angela Giaco said...

These are so cool! I love the designs and patterns that were created, they would look great on nearly any wall! :)

Miranda said...

WAUW! wat een mooie prints dit. Dat is ook weer zo'n iemand die gewoon alles kan he, heerlijk!!
Doe mij maar die Kus je (BIG):)

....nice nice

nannette said...

Heel mooi.
En een super idee voor een lief cadeau inderdaad.

vanessa starkweather said...

Very fun! Would work with anything