The month January arrived, time to clean up the christmas stuff and make some room for  a little nature. I love the space, the fresh breeze and the new spirit..


Lisanne van de Klift said...

Mooi! Ik heb ook weer een paar kamerplanten en lentebollen neergezet. Leuk bericht ook van je over fris groen op vt wonen blog!

Liefs Lisanne

Igor Josifovic said...

I just think every home needs at least one living plant! So cosy!

Nat @ dear little house said...

I love bringing plants indoors, unfortunately my dogs love it a bit too much :p I made a terrarium last week to get some green indoors without ending up with dug up dirt everywhere :p

Elli said...

I agree with you!After remove the christmas decorations the space looks so empty, so your tip about nature is super!
I love this house too!