The rhythm of light.....


I was really impressed by seeing this beautiful lamp from Susanne de Graef with his beautiful story.....

"The rhythm of light"

A day begins, the sun rises.
The sun starts her daily rhythm, she rises and she sets,
This is a never-ending story with a beginning and an end, it repeats itself every day.
The light we use in our houses is very static, almost like it's something that's frozen.
But light is not something that is static, it lives.
Light is movement, it has its own rhythm.

Susanne designed a lamp with its own rhythm.
The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by moving the lamp up and down,
the layers mingle, the light get's diffuse and the layers turn into a game of colours.

Thank you Susanne de Graef for sharing this!

Bye, Bye, Tyner

Woonbeurs Amsterdam NL...


Yesterday I visited the Woonbeurs Amsterdam here by a little impression...
Be inspired...
1. & 2. Oh so sweet! Ariadne at Home huis
3. & 4. Lovely materials! VT Wonen huis  

See you, Tyner

My first.....


This made me smile at Inside Design Amsterdam 2011 a event from Elle Decoration.....

1. A presentation from Perscentrum Wonen & Studio Aandacht, fall/wintertrends
2. Design from Kiki van Eijk, Floating Frames
3. Design from Kiki van Eijk, Floating Frames
6. A preview of a new label Usuals from Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe
7. From Studio NSybrandy, Spirits & Figures

Have a nice break Jantine, enjoy!

Taking a break


In a few days I am taking a little break...Enjoying the sun, reading, relaxing and take a little time to reload...

While I am away a good friend of mine will be posting her inspiration on the blog. Hope you will enjoy her posts.

Thank you Tyner for being my guest blogger while I am away.
Big hug for all of you and I will be back in about two weeks.


Image through Prettystuff

Louise Roe, design essentials


Truly beautiful products and styling on these images from Louise Roe.

Louise Roe, design essentials, stems from a love for design that is simple, harmonious and at the same time authentic and of a high quality. As humans our senses need to be stimulated. This can be achieved by surrounding ourselves with beautiful materials, colours and shapes that give us inner joy and peace, a sense of balance.

I couldn't agree more with the above, quoted from the Louise Roe website. Love the simple feeling, the graphic touch and the combinations of dark and light.

Look for more here...

Images through Louise Roe

BoConcept: Urban Danish design


100% love for these inspirational images by BoConcept.

Our homes are full of great stories. About ourselves. What we love and what we like to do. We surround ourselves with what we like. What is important to us and what makes it easier to live the life we want. So when we come home, we feel at home. That is the story of BoConcept, a Danish company, focussing on Urban Danish design. 

Images through BoConcept

Pauli by Perludi


This design is so beautiful for a kids room. A chair that can become a bench and also a shelf, when putting two of them on eachother. Love the clean lines that look very graphic and the fabric used to cover the furniture pieces.

Perludi is a young austrian furniture company that places children and their needs at the core of their designs and work. They develop rugged quality furniture for children and besides the Pauli they have some more nice furniture pieces for children. Take a look at their website to discover their great design.

Images through Perludi

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. A home with a story ... through Photoproblem
3. Home is wherever I'm with you through Uncertainnoise
4. White plates by Anthropologie

Win The Swan chair


I have some real exciting news to tell. This next saturday the 17th of september you can have a chance to win The Swan chair, a real classic design piece.

This is offered to you by the dutch company Mobilia woonstudio in Amsterdam. So if you are in Amsterdam this saturday you really have to stop by. At 15.30 hours you can join a presentation of the new Favn sofa by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen. Fill in the form that you can find at the Mobilia website and take it with you to be a part of this great event.

I am definitely trying to win this beautiful chair and take a look at this fantastic new sofa.

Mady Dooijes


Beautiful images of the clothing collection by Mady Dooijes. She offers hand made garments, created with care in small editions. Less is more, simple forms and timeless appeal are a few words that describe the style of Mady. 

Love the idea of the transparency and layering images. Mady has a great blog too, full of inspiration and a real eye candy. Take a look here.

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. Cloud by Ferm Living
2. Loved you through Moastidom
3. Porcelain bead necklace by Golden Ink
4. Feather kitchen linen by Herriot Grace

April & May favorites: IKEA


April & May favorites: IKEA

Something new at my blog: April & May favorites. My favorite finds at a shop I like or have visited.
Starting with IKEA... I visited this shop today and found some real favorites. Hope you like them too :)

plywood art


100% love for this very simple yet stylish way of using plywood as a way of art...

Be inspired!

Image through Designskool

Photographer Philip Ficks


When doing my post yesterday about Elephant Ceramics I discovered the work of Philip Ficks, who made the pictures for Elephant Ceramics. Browsing through his work I really had to share some pictures with you...

I really diverse portfolio using beautiful combinations and color palettes. 

All images by Philip Ficks