tough kids rooms


lots of black (and white), a touch of green and blue, some sheep carpets, modern and vintage together.... 

100% love for these tough kids rooms.

First image (source unknown), second image through Emmas designblogg

The Hub


A garage in Madrid transformed into an office space with several offices. The Hub is a company offering inspired places for meeting, working, innovating, learning and connecting. This garage, untouched since the 40s, was renovated into awesome creative offices.

Love the still raw feeling of this former garage, modern with a true vintage feeling by the use of the furniture and materials. A wonderful place to work.

The Hub has got locations all over the world. More information about the Hub you can find here.
More images of the Hub Madrid you can find here.

Images and information through Trendland

West Elm Summer 2011 by Ditte Isager

Beautiful....First seen on Bodie and Fou

ixxi wall decoration


Ixxi, a new modulair connecting system. With x's and i's you can make your own photo enlargement or photo collage.

The first picture shows a special product, the ixxi roomdivider made of white or grey felt with a perforation pattern. It also can be used as a wall piece. I love this piece and am secretly placing it in our living room above the sofa...Think it will look fantastic on a white wall adding just a little bit extra, what do you think?

Take a look at the ixxi site to see how it works and get some inspiration.

What I love most...

Words to remember...

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. notebooks through Grijs
2. This is me (by me for lepetitbirdtoldme)
4. Arne Jacobsen light through Kitka Design

little flower pieces


Little flowers made of fine wire, put in some white porcelaine candle holders. Subtle but so beautiful....

Love the white candle holders but couldn't find the source of them. So if anyone has suggestions I would love to here...

Image through VTwonen

Made by Lennebelle


I am loving the jewelry of Made by Lennebelle. Lenneke is a jewelry designer and illustrator from the Netherlands and she has her own jewelry brand Made by Lennebelle. She creates wonderful necklaces and bracelets and new in her collection are the above braided bracelets with cute silver pendants.

Always looking for the treats and treasures in life she also has a great blog called A little hamster.

You can see all the jewelry pieces here in her online shop.

dream workspace


This is the workspace of Reineke Joustra, a dutch stylist. The studio feels more like an apartment then a workspace and has a real authentic feeling.

The neutral color palette with lots of white, black and grey and the little subtle touches of color give the space so much character. Love the use of second-hand furniture (and then personalized and re-styled) and modern design pieces. Every piece is selected carefully and brings a sense of warmth and together they make a beautiful collection. Love every corner of this place, the use of colors, furniture, flowers, materials...

Images by Mirjam Bleeker

the Ace Hotel


Beautiful images shot by photographer Douglas Lyle Thompson of the Ace hotel in Palm Springs.

The hotel has a lot of earth-friendly and sustainable elements, like recycled materials, low VOC paints and vintage furniture. A organic and bohemian style...

The atmosphere really has that vintage, slow-down feeling and love the sense I already get out of the pictures made. The rope sculpture at the ceiling in the first image is amazing and truly inspiring.

Here you can find more information about the Ace Hotel and more beautiful images over here.

Images by Douglas Lyle Thompson

miniature houses

Little miniature houses....they are so cute. Ofcourse houses and homes they are my passion so can I resist not buying these little ones??? The houses are handmade and created of scrap wood and shaped into little peaked houses. 

They sure would look great in a home, so if you are hooked like I am go and visit the shop.

Images by Says the Tree

April & May hearts


This makes me smile...

1. Vases by Madam Stoltz
2. Telephone Girl by The Black Apple
3. Polaroid Letter set through Uponafold
4. Nine Deer through the Mammoth Collection

industrial home


Grey tones, industrial feeling, modern, black & white, a touch of nature, clean and empty...

100% love!

Onesize office


What about this cool office space. What a great space to work. This is the office of creative studio Onesize, designed by Origins Architecture. In the middle of a spacious, industrial warehouse, a wooden object houses the studio's meeting room and two dark rooms for film projection.

Love the modern and clean look of this office with that intriguing object in the middle of it. And all the light coming in...just beautiful.

Source and image by Trendland & Stijnstijl

Gosto design & lifestyle


Gosto design & lifestyle is a wonderful new shop in Blaricum, the Netherlands. The shop is owned by Sonia van der Zwaan-Barrigas and is an inspiration for everyone looking for something unique for your home. The word Gosto comes from Portugal and means something like style/taste and I love...

The shop is really beautiful with such a great taste and style. If you are not living in the Netherlands don't worry because Gosto also has a webshop where you can order your favourites. And ofcourse if you are living in the Netherlands I think you really should visit this shop to get inspired and see the wonderful collection of products.

Images by Gosto

lampenpak, a milk bottle light


I am loving this milk bottle light called 'lampenpak'. This product can be bought at Smaack, a dutch organisation that offers creative talent a way to translate ideas, designs and concepts into real products.

Take a look and you will find more clever and beautiful products.

Image through Smaack

Mom Story at BloesemKids

I am very proud about my mom story at Bloesem Kids. If you want a little peek into my life as a mom you can read it over here.

Irene thank you for asking me and I love the way you put everything together.

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. Colours by Kristievn
2. Birdside table through Livingetc.
3. Sweet kiss by Lepetitelefant
4. Friend in a nut through the Otherist

Split-level residence


This split-level residence is located in Montreal. The owners wished to enlarge their bungalow but faced several limitations by the city. Therefore an unconventional solution was developed by compressing the spaces on numerous split-level to yield the desired rooms. This resulted in a stunning double height dining room and a generous provision of natural light.

The selected building materials are deliberately left raw and untouched to meet the existing structure of the house.

For more images go to Naturehumaine

Images and source by Trendland