a brand new office space


Need to clean and organise your office (like I did last week)? This office space will inspire you....
Ferm Living offers a new line of stationary that helps systemize your work. Smoked oak and graphic shapes give your office a stylish and cool look.

Image by Ferm Living

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. blue room by Maria Grossmann
2. balloons by Pia Ulin
3. newspaper houses through Pretty Little World

industrial home


This summer house is a real beauty. The subtle use of colors and the industrial feeling gives this home real personality. I totally love the idea of painting a carpet on the floor (first picture), that looks absolutely stunning.

More images of this home you can find on desiretoinspire.

Enjoy wasting


words to remember...

Image by shopsaplingpress (through papermojo)

industrial cabinets


There is something about industrial cabinets that I am just loving. The color, look and all these drawers to storage your belongings. I am looking for an industrial cabinet for my workplace and I am just loving these. If you have any suggestions where to buy (in the Netherlands please...) then let me know. I have found some places already but new ones are ofcourse welcome.

Images by VTwonen

love your walls


Just by looking at this image you want to decorate your wall immediately. Love the use of all the images in different sizes but yet they do feel like one through the chosen color palette and graphic touch.

This work is by Monja Gentschow and you can see more of her work here.

100% love by me...

Image through feedgeeks.tumblr.com 

Esthex - for kids and grownups


Looking for the perfect gift for a new-born or child....you don't have to look any further because Esthex is the place to be. This is the story of Esthex:

It was many years ago, in the year 2003, when Esther met Sofie. She existed as a drawing, very well hidden away in her parents attic. Esther felt inspired by the humor and simplicity and took the drawing, which she made when she was four years old, downstairs. Sofie was a model for the first Esthex dol and this was only the beginning of creating a whole family of dolls and friendly animals.....

You can find all sorts of lovely things in the shop like dolls, rattles, musicboxes and more. And there is abeautiful blue limited collection where some of the friends had a make-over in denim.

I am in love with all the dolls and animals and have already ordered something cute for my friend her little boy. And I can tell you it's a little party when you receive the package with some nice little things added.

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. food...through Gourmettraveler
2. paper garlands by Pareltje
3. clouds by Atelier Pompadour
4. Wovenplay through heartedgirl

Aimee Wilder Wallpaper


Aimee Wilder, born and raised in New York, is the designer of these wallpapers. Aimee draws her inspiration from contemporary graphic art and the design world. Influences include typography, logo design, illustration, textils, urban toy design and rock poster art.

Above wallpapers are named Baby, Loops, Analognights and Clouds. Love the Clouds wallpaper for a childs room. Don't you think? But she has more great designs on her website.

A designer to remember.

Images through aimeewilder.com 

welcome 2011


Welcome 2011, you are loved! I hope this year will bring us lots of love, health and fun. And ofcourse some beautiful and inspiring things to share. I have had a little bit of bad start cause I have had the flu for more then a week now...Still recovering a little bit but feel like starting now with some fresh and new things to come. So my apologies for been away this long... I am back now and hope this year will be a year with lots to share :)


Image: source unknown (through Pinterest by Suzy Castermans)