Words to remember to start the new year....x

Image from Everything Fabulous (through Pauline Egge on Pinterest)

dining inspiration

Really had to share this dining area with you.The atmosphere is great and I love all the different lights hanging above the table. Originally it is a wedding dining area but I think it would do great on a Christmas dinner too. Adding some little Christmas accessories and you are done. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family, friends and all the persons you love. This will be one of my last posts for this year cause I will enjoy a week off next week. Hope to see you all next year with lots of things coming from my side.


Image from style me pretty 

Merry Christmas


For all of you a Merry Christmas by Birdsintrees (Vivian & Jantine)
And remember....We are all made of stars.

Image by Birdsintrees

winter wonderland


Just a beautiful image to keep in the winter wonderland mood...
These colors...they are amazing together :)

Image by Allthebeautifulthings (through pinterest by Lilacandlily)

I Love You Forest


I Love You Forest gets me in the winter mood but would also be beautiful in your home when it's not winter at all.

"I love nature, and I strongly believe in magic, peace and love, so of course these are the main themes I explore in my work. Life. Nature. Infinite space…" Words by Karina Eibatova the designer of this piece of art.

Her work is amazing and you can order it at the even amazing online art gallere The Mammoth Collection (found through Design for Mankind) where you can order this work and more stunning pieces of art.

Visit The Mammoth Collection to see for yourself.

Nordic kids room


What can I say....There are no words for this kids room....So much beauty, sphere and simplicity....
100% LOVE

Visit the beautiful blog by Kjerstis Lykke

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The Evie Group

Bijschrift toevoegen

"Products for the way you live..." by the Evie Group

I recently got to know the products of the Evie Group. The Evie Group is a new design company from Sydney by Alex and Dominic. They specialise in creating modern, classic designs that convey simplicity, elegance and above all timeless aeasthetics.

You can buy their products by visiting their website. I especially love the Silhouette furniture which can be transformed into whatever you like. It is not for sale now but I hope it will be in the near future.

Thank you Alex for informing me about your products.



This makes me want to go to Paris right away...

Image through Simply Seductive

Scandinavian Surface

Scandinavian Surface creates the most amazing wallpaper. A piece of art on your wall...
If you did not know them yet you really should visit their website to see all the incredible designs.

Hope I can use some one day in one of my projects.

a touch of Christmas

A touch of Christmas without being too much...Just the subtle little things that will bring you in the Christmas mood.
That is what I love about these pictures and items.

Think I am into these tin objects really and going to buy some to add to my home.

Images through DecoPeques and Tinywhitedaisies

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. heart raining through InspiredShares
2. a collection through abundance
3. stone by Allybeans
4. pretty punch through Sweet Paul

Nordic treasures


Nordic Treasures by Christina K., some beautiful products from the Braxton Home Collection.
This really makes me in the Christmas winter mood. What about you?

soft winter home


A cosy, soft and warm winter home with a nice neutral color palette....
Love the use of graphic touches to bring just that little extra.

Image through myidealhome

a day in the park

Imagine yourself being here in this park...
It's like a dream surrounded by these wonderful colours...

A little bit autumn, preparing for a white winter wonderland.

April & May hearts


This made me smile...

1. Danielle in boat by Rodney Smith
2. Radiant Flux by Nami Yamamoto
3. Queen by Erika Blomgren
4. Sand by Jim Denevan

winter mood


The month December has started...winter has come here...everything is covered in snow.

From next week April & May will also be in winter mood with lots of winter & Christmas inspiration.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Image by Torpore

tree glasses


Love, love, love...
Tree glasses by Snowden Flood.

Aren't they beautiful? And how about putting a little candle in it? Think it would look lovely with the tree designs.