my little boy laughing...


My little boy laughing...makes me smile!



A little while ago I came across the site of Ponyrider. Ponyrider is about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things. Or as they say:
...bitin into an overripe plum and in need of a soft tea towel
...cracking the top of a creme brulee with a hand printed napkin in your lap
...wrapping a pot of freshly brewed tea in a tea towel to stay warm
...curling up on cushions on the lounge to read the weekend papers
...ushing the 'good' linen for the everyday

I am loving the wall dots and cushions with some great photography. Take a look yourself...

Images by Ponyrider

Wall house


With the temperature rising this week and next week in our Netherlands, outside living is becoming a great part of the day. I love the concept of this Wall house where the bounderies between interior and exterior is blurring...

Wall house is a project by FAR frohn & rojas, a networked architectural design and research practice. This project is a design investigation into how the qualitative aspects of the wall structure our social interactions and climatic relationships. This project breaks down the 'traditional' walls of a house into a series of four delaminated layers in between which the different spaces of the house slip. From the inside out the layers build upon one another, both materially and geomatrically, blurring the boundery between the interior and exterior.

I love the atmosphere and look and feel of this wall house. What do you think?

Pictures by FAR frohn & rojas

Kalon Studios


Beauty linked with moral worth and usefulness. That's the ancient Greek concept of kalon. Kalon Studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. For them making products means not only making products that are beautiful in form but beautiful in concept as well.

The products they are making are beautiful, pure and with such nice details. They make you smile instantly and are such an inspiration. Kalon Studios offer two product lines; the signature collection and the nursery collection. Take a look at their website to read the story behind Kalon Studios and see all their beautiful products.

Images by Kalon Studios

frozen fruit by April & May


This is a little something I worked on last year. This year it has inspired me for some other work and a project I am working on. I hope I can tell you more soon.... For now I hope you will enjoy this. It makes me want to have some delicious fruit immediately...

Photo by Jeltje fotografie
Styling by April & May

BIRDs by Kristian Vedel


When I saw these little birds I immediately fell deeply in love. They are sure on my wishlist!

Born with the spirit of sensitivity and freedom, the BIRD is sure to bring you joy and peaceful moments to your everyday life. Kristian Vedel designed the BIRDs in 1959 and today they are still handmade by a wood turner in a small village in Denmark.

The BIRDs can be turned upside down, making it a guy or a girl. The head and beak can be balanced making it sad, happy, curious, suspicious or anything you can imagine.

Take a look at ARCHITECTMADE for more images en lovely products

Images by Architectmade

Storm 6 months


Fine little day

Love the products of Fine Litte Day by Elisabeth Dunker....

Images by Fine Little Day

work by April & May


Some more images of a project by April & May. Hope you enjoy it....

Styling by April & May
Images by Jeltje Fotografie

April & May - viva

April & May was featured in Viva, a weekly Dutch magazine for women. A little peek inside a home styled by me....& where I live :)

I will do another post with more photo's taken for the shoot that haven't been used.

Images by Jeltje Fotografie

blogspotting: Color Collective


This week's favourite blog is COLOR COLLECTIVE. If you are in need of color inspiration you really have to visit the Color Collective blog. A source of inspiration with beautiful images and color palettes...

Images from Color Collective

Reading tables

Reading tables are made by german designer Uli Budde. A combination of a side table and magazine rack. On the central island you can put your drink, book and so on...The area that wraps around is a storage space for books and magazines and even can serve as a bookmark when taking a break from reading. The reading table is available in different sizes and two colours (red & white).

Images through designboom

upon a fold: new items


The dove card, a writing pad and paper drop seals... Just a few new items by upon a fold to share with you....It makes me greedy :)
The dove, a symbol of peace for many cultures. This honeycomb paper dove looks as peaceful and pretty as its reputation...It is a creation of O-Check, a design studio in Korea who aspire to capture the beauty in life and express it through charming and timeless stationary.

Do you always need something with you to write something down? I can't get enough of booklets and notebooks and the Craft Log Writing Pad is really something to add to my collection. It's made from beautiful, semi-transparent, textured Japanese paper and there is a lovely stamp detail on every page.

I am already a fan of the masking tapes with those beautiful prints. But what about these Paper Drop seals? The little bag of stickers are a collection of patterns from around the world sourced from travel tickets, old stamps, music sheets, maps and more. You can use them to seal envelopes or get creative and make your own pretty picture.

Thanks Upon a Fold for these many lovely products. Want to see more? Visit their website...

Images by Upon a Fold