KIDS - Ebulobo, a volcano of ideas for children


When we had our baby birth party for our little boy Storm we got lots of presents. One I would like to share with you because it is so fantastic, Crazy cuddly wolf by Ebulobo.

Ebulobo creates toys for children, by playing with their toys, your child learns to play. The toys help to develop the motorskills essential to child's development. Crazy cuddly wolf tells the story of a wolf that eats too much. He even eat a mobile phone and a pan. That's why he needs to go to the doctor. The wolf has a speaker nose, and crinkle paper in the tail, and a big beel in the head. Inside the belly you will find a little red ridding hood, a pig, a pan and a electronic mobile phone.

Besides this fantastic wolf they have a lot more great products for your children. Just take a look at their website and become happy.

Images by Ebulobo

Upon a Fold


You have to visit upon a fold to discover the most beautiful paper artistry you have ever seen.
The shop and blog is from Justine who lives in Sydney, Australia. Since she was a kid she wanted to share her passion for paper. Now she can share all her new finds with you.

I found these amazing books 'Little Tree' and ' A Cloud'. Little Tree is a minimal, poetic and beautifully crafted book on seasons and life cycles. Each turn of the page reveals a story of the life of a tree. The trees are intricate die-cuts, and various paper textures and colours are uses in this pop-up book. A Cloud is a beautiful story about the formation and ever-changing shapes of clouds. Both books are by Katsumi Komagata, an award-winning Japanese graphic designer, and come with complete English translations.

Upon a fold really is a magical journey into the world of paper. Enjoy!

Images by upon a fold



Pi'lo is the beautiful site of Heather Shaw who makes lovely products. Everything in her collection is handmade by herself from her coach house studio behind her Victorian house in downtown Toronto. The collection includes accessories, stuff, wall art and things for party and holiday. What do you think of this lovely pillow, an alphabet book with embroidered linen cover and eco felt pages printed with photo images from A to Z and a very nice wall art canvas?

Ofcourse there are more things to take a look at....just go to the website of pi'lo and discover all the products.

Images by Pi'lo

HOME - harmony and contrast


A delightful combination of modern and antiques, natural and handmade thing, design and flea market founds. This is the home of London based stylist Abigail Ahern. Abigail owns a fantastic interior shop, recommended by magazine Elle Decoration as one of the coolest shops in the UK. In her store she only sells items she would like to have at home herself.

There are a lot of glass windows in the house that creates light and space. The lower ground floor has a concrete floor with floor heating. This is the living space with kitchen, dining and living area and a view on the garden. The first floor is Abigail's work studio with a real fireplace.

A beautiful home with lots of nice products such as the pillows (sold in her shop) and a beautiful use of contrasts and colours.

Images by Hotze Eisma and Polly Eltes

the art of chess

I am not a chess player....really I don't even know how the game works. But when seeing the chess game above I just wish I know how to play it. Maybe I should learn because this chess board looks amazing with little furniture pieces to play the game.

Go to the site of Project B gallery for more information about the different interpretations by contemporary artist of the age old board game of chess.



Dutch Design Cheese is a real Dutch Gouda cheese in a designer jacket. It stands for good looks and good taste! Last week I was visiting the MOOOI gallery in Amsterdam were this great idea was presented. Dutch Design Cheese is an initiative of (food)designer Marinde van Leeuwen. For this collection she was inspired by typical Dutch symbols such as tulips, lace, 'boerenbont' and the Dutch landscapes.

You can buy a Design Cheese and support Dutch foundations that protect the typical Dutch landscapes. For more information go to

Enjoy & say cheeese!

Images by

Form us with love

Look at these amazing lamps by the swedish design studio "Form us with love". The shape, colour and the way of presenting them....I just love everything about it. Not only to mention the name "Form us with love"...just wonderful.

For more projects of this design studio take a look at their website.

Photos by Charlie Bennet

Felted deer head by PlanetFur


PlanetFur, a little universe with handmade felt items. The little deer head is made of woolfelt with a size of 11 x 6,5 cm (4 x 2,5 inches). At the back there is a magnet and a little loop so you can put it anywhere you like.

Really cute for a child's room, hallway or that nice place in your home that needs something to brighten it up. Take a look at PlanetFur's shop and weblog for more nice items.

Little Label


Little Label is a fantastic kids label that sells very nice basic clothes for babies and kids. Little Label creates basic designs made from pure and comfortable fabrics, in colours that can be combined endlessly. The collection is made from 100% cotton with a great can wash it endlessly and it is still beautiful.

Little Label makes quality basics with style for a great price. Beautiful little clothes for daily use and 100% kidsproof. Take a look at their website and order your favourite kids and baby clothes now.

Images by Little Label

a free spirit


This makes me smile....

Underfull: The tablecloth that turns spilling into poetry


How beautiful is this? At first glance the tablecloth appears to be a traditional white floral damask, but it contains the most wonderful secret; a hidden pattern that first shows when wet. Sooner or later someone is bound to spill, but where this person usually feels clumsy and embarrassed, he will now feel fortunate. An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience.

This tablecloth is designed by Kristine Bjaadal, a Norwegian Designer. I just love the concept of turning something negative into something positive. Something we all should do more.....don't you think?

Look for more information at Kristine's blog