a trip to paris...


My dear friend Vivian went to Paris for a short trip...I love the photo's she took. Look at the colors of this picture, isn't it beautiful?

for more go to lepetitbirdtoldme.blogspot.com for her flickr page and more....

Friday Next is open now!


Friday Next, a new concept-store in Amsterdam is open now! It looks wonderful so when you are nearby just step in for furniture, fashion & food.

felted pebbles


Just bought some felted pebbles from Reyart, all things handmade....Can't wait to put them on a beautiful place in my home. See more beautiful handmade felted objects at www.reyart.nl

on your floor?


Have you ever seen such beautiful rugs? I am in love....Hope some day I will have such a beautiful rug on my floor....

Look at the website of FMJanssen for more lovely rugs and inspiration.



Check out these lovely paper products made by modernemotive. These greeting cards aren't just lovely by color and design but also eco-friendly and handmade. Modernemotive wants to produce products that have the least consequence on the earth.

All the products can be ordered....go and take a look at modernemotive's shop here.
Also visit the beautiful blog at blog.modernemotive.com

Turning gardening on its head


The sky planter is a design from Patrick Morris from BOSKKE. BOSKKE intends to transform the way people enjoy plants in their living environments. No longer satisfied with having plants in remote corners of a room, they are no elevated into stunning interior features.

Love the images and the idea...look at their website for more images and information.

500 colored pencil set

Can you imagine this being on your office wall? This set of 500 coloured pencils consists of 20 units , with each pencil telling it's own story with a unique name. Maybe you will color sometime with 'tea with milk', 'pumpkin pudding' or 'mermaid's gown'..... What a source of inspiration, just only from all these names...

You cannot buy the complete set all at once , but you receive them over a course of 20 months. There are four different display methods which offer you to display the pencils as an artwork or keeping it aside as a special collection.

The set is designed by felissimo for social designer. Visit their websites for more information.