coathanger 'pick up wood'


This coathanger by Alain Berteau asks you to go outside and search for some nice fallen branches. Then you go home and put on one of the 8 hanger hooks (sold per set) and THERE IT IS....your coathanger. Isn't it lovely?

a new life....

We are welcoming our first child this year.... He or she will sleep like a baby in my old crib where I have slept many many hours....Now we are re-decorating it....The blue ribbons are from HouseDoctor....It is becoming so beautiful....

quoting VITRA


Just read and keep this as a reminder...

Vitra regards the furnishing of one's home as a process of collage - a gradual assemblage of products and objects. This is not the same as a coincidental accumulation of things, rather it is a conscious arrangement that grows and changes with regard to both content and style, according to the owner's individual preferences and circumstances.

A few favourite items tend to remain as central pieces throughout a person's lifetime while other objects may come to serve different purposes than originally intended. Things that become dated disappear and new things are added - perhaps from a flea market, furniture store or travels. The collage then becomes a structured arrangement and great designs form the central core. The individual is always the focus. Every individual has his or her own personal taste and style, an interior reflects this and it contributes to the inhabitant's sense of well-being and perhaps identity. The way in which we live, organise and outfit our own personal environment is an important and integral part of this identity.

Holiday home


Such a lovely holiday home in on a little isle in the Netherlands. The neutral colors make the house authentic and gives it a relaxing character. Wouldn't you like to be in this house for a while?

(VT wonen may 2008)

Humanoid new fall collection


New Humanoid collection fall 09-10.
Be inspired.....

Birdcage lamp

Influenced by the shape of a birdcage, this lamp collection named 'llum' is made of plywood with silhouettes of birds.

Go to the website of Peca to see all shapes.

EAT LOVE DINNERS at Proef Amsterdam

EAT LOVE DINNERS at Proef Amsterdam, 10 years of eating design by Marije Vogelzang. You should have been there, and now you can be! This summer Proef Amsterdam opens its doors to the public and you are invited to come taste the EAT LOVE dinners, classics from 10 years of eating design. Works such as her 'edible leaves from the photosynthesis tree', 'white dinner', 'desserts in baked clay' and others are on the menu, which is open to the public.

Some information on Marije Vogelzang:

Designers who work with the subject ‘food’ are often called ‘food designers’. According to Marije Vogelzang, food is already perfectly and beautifully designed by nature. She designs from the verb ‘to eat’. She is for example inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history or the culture of food. That is why she doesn’t call herself ‘food designer’but, as the first one in The Netherlands, ‘eating-designer’.

It is often thought that designers who work with food only design the shape of the food. Vogelzang’s aim is to look at the content and background of the food. The shape is just a tool to tell the story.

Go to Proef Amsterdam to read all about Marije Vogelzang.

Stretch shelf

Such a cool thing to add to your workplace (or where you want ofcourse). The shelves are giant rubberbands that function as wall shelves.

By american designer Pete Oyler. Look at his site to see more of his designs...

Zaza chair

The zaza chair is a flexible chair by israeli designer omri barzeev. The chair can be adjusted to suit the user's needs. The upper part is layered with felt...a material that is one of my favourites. Through folding the chair gets its shape and its structure.