a little bit of color


Recently I have moved to a new home....and I can say it is so much more difficult to make decisions for your own house....colors, furniture, lights, tiles....name it and I was doubting about it! But one thing was sure....I always love the color grey.... It makes me calm and gives me space to combine. My home is now basically made up of different colors of grey in the combination with black and white. But now living a few months in our lovely home I am already in the CHANGE mood....and just want to add a touch of color to it. These days I am really into the lovely spring color...CORAL RED....I just love it and it really makes me happy and still calm and quiet. Just when I had decided to look for some nice things I came across these lovely pictures at the dutch site Kleurinspiratie.nl. Shades of grey and Soft spring.....Now I am really convinced about my feeling (yes as a stylist you sometimes need just that little thing to be absolutely sure) and will start my search for some new decoration....

Studio Violet


Today I found out about Studio Violet through the blog of Ninainvorm (see at my blog list) and I am so happy and in love with their design. Studio Violet is a design duo from sweden making beautiful graphics and products. They have a little webshop where you can order their products. Just take a look at their website and blog and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

Les Liseuses: the pursuit of reading


In french the word 'liseuses' has several meanings all connected with the pursuit of reading. It can be interpreted as; a lamp, a small table on which to place books, a cover to protect books or a tool to cut the pages of books which can also function as a bookmark. 
Swiss studio fulguro will exhibit their new collection 'les liseuses' at the lighthouse in glasgow. The exhibition features furniture based around the word 'liseuses'. The range of products use materials influenced by indoors and oudoors contexts and settings where the activity of reading is traditionally enjoyed - the beach, the terrace, the bedroom and the living room.

socks for your spoons


These spoons in socks are the work of designer Vanessa Larmond. She specialises in whittling and basketry and works with both found and bought materials and a small selection of simple hand tools.

This current work consists of a range of spoons produced from wood that was split, shaved and then whittled. The way a spoon is held or used is determined by its shape, sizes and angles. 
The woven element to the spoons hides or displays some of the features. 

I just love the way these spoons look. In the past I have also made a sort of covers for little vases and I was reminded by it when I saw these design. I am looking forward to her new designs. Take a look at www.vanessalarmond.co.uk