April and May hearts


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Light and Ladder plant holders


Give your miniature plants a nice spot with these beautiful handmade ceramic cups from Lightandladder. They are matte on the outside and glazed on the inside that creates a white smooth matte look. A beautiful way to add a little greenery to you're home..

For more of their products click here.

Via Martine calendar


This is great! On Via Martine you can make your own personal month- or birthday calendar with your favorite Instagram photo's on it. On the printed monthly calendar you have a 10 x 10 cm frame and on the birthday calendar you have a 6 x 6 cm frame for a different Instagram photo every month. Very nice as a gift for your friend or family these upcoming holidays! Besides the calendar, we really like the photographs and styling! It looks lovely. :)

The shop of the new


On or next trip to Copenhagen we definitely wanna visit this beautiful new shop named 'The Shop Of The New', launched by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri. The shop is a showcase for diverse and eccentric objects complementing the furniture collection from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri with a selection of graphic art prints, kitchenware, skateboards, clothes etc.

They also collect ideas, images, stories and visions to share them with you on their website. You can take a look at what interior designs they have been involved with, what they are dreaming of, and what keeps them in balance. So if you're interested you can check out their website here.

Styling, web and visual identity by Mette Bonavent

mango premium collection autumn 2014


It is always a pleasure when the Mango Premium collection is available. This collection is a limited edition made from the finest materials and with a sophisticated style. Great pieces with a more classic and minimalistic feeling. Deep blue makes beautiful combinations with black and grey and creates an effortless and chic look.

The complete collection can be found here.

Images through MANGO

Maria Lies illustration


These illustrations are from the talented Maria Lies based in the Netherlands. Her style is playful and cute and it makes you smile inside. This beautiful 'window' on the wall in the First or Second store is also her work. We get a lot of compliments and are still very very happy with it! So thank you Maria Lies :) 

Photo credit: Beeldsteil

the new zara mini lookbook


The new ZARA mini lookbook is online and also this time we worked on the concept and styling of this lookbook. Cute, cozy and graphic with a beautiful color palette to really get you in the autumn mood. We feel proud to work on these kind of projects creating a story with the pieces, materials and combination of colors and products.  A new journey, a new lookbook...be inspired!

Images: ZARA | styling and concept: April and May | photography: Beeldsteil - Wendy van Woudenberg

Products: pins by Nu Interieur | Yeah rug by Mae Engelgeer | bear print by Seventy tree | blankets by by Molle | dress boy by Wendy Mahieu


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Check out these beautiful hand crocheted and hand knit items from Lacasadecotó! The natural colors are lovely and the patterns will add lots of fun to your home.

 Like this? Visit Etsy for many more beautiful products from Lacasadecotó.

Spotted the brand Hem


I dont't know about you, but we love this new designs from the new brand Hem! The designs contain a certain Scandinavian lightness what we really like about it. The photography looks absolutely beautiful too, very refreshing and well styled.

Hem teams up with a lot of great designers that create a new generation of original furniture and interior accessories. They make the greatest designs and the nice thing is it doesn't cost a fortune.

Because one size does not always fit all... They have created online customization tools that allow you to be the designer. Browse and see the entire collection online or customize your own.. :)

a guest room


The photographs of this guest room from Cassie, a graphic designer and photo stylist based in Saint Louis, are beautiful... The styling is simple but so pretty and fresh looking. The room actually is very tiny but all the whites and the 'less is more' styling makes it feel more spacious.

The corner with the picture and the side table with the pine needles on the magazines is our absolute favorite. Would love to be a guest in this room...

Via Thevedahouse

minimalistic looks by NON


This minimalistic collection is designed by Poland based fashion label NON. The pieces are all very beautiful and elegant. The designs are based on classic geometry and every piece is made of a fine and best 100% Merino wool fabric. So besides the visual aspect, it also feels comfortable and you don't have to worry getting cold these days.

 Check out the whole collection on their website!

April and May hearts


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Geometric home Shelves


We love the look of geometrical details in a home! With this gorgeous shelf set from Geometric Home you can easily dress up your walls!

The shelves can be arranged many different ways and you can get them in different colors. We like them when you can still see the natural beauty of the wood but you can also choose a color that matches your home or of course when you're in a creative mood, do it yourself.. :)

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